Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am so toast

What has gotten into me?!?!? I've agreed to join Crazy Aunt Purl's summer read-along, reading JANE AUSTEN!! Do you know how many times I've tried to read Pride and Prejudice? Too flippen many. But I will try again, just as soon as I can get a copy from the library. *Sigh*
As if that's not bad enough, I've also "jined" Wendy's EZ 100th birthday Pi shawl KAL. I was thinking of frogging the feather & fan stole (again! HA! I should call my sis and let her listen to me frogging the thing; she hates frogging!), but I think I'd rather use that teal merino laceweight I got a couple of autumns ago. I'm pretty sure there's enough of it. And I could have a stole, AND a shawl! I am apparently not doing any holiday knitting this year...
But then again, maybe I will: I've said I'll particpate in another KAL, for some fingerless mitts. They look fairly basic, and would probably make nice gifts...and there's a prize drawing for those who participate. It's a huge project bag full of yarn & tools. I'm not saying who's got this KAL, as I want to win the prize!
I'm clicking along on the re-born Feather & Fan shawl. The Zokni socks are hibernating until I can get a better 2.75 mm 40' circular koff ADDI TURBO koff needle. Dolly Blankie #3 is looking wilder than ever, with the addition of some more colorful variegated yarn & a bright green. What else is on the needles? The Drops lace tank is hibernating, the stealth knitting for Xmas is hibernating, the "Charming" mitts are lacking just the thumbs and they'd be ready for gifting.
This morning I got an email: the lady that has had me crocheting granny square stockings for her kids & grandkids now has a great-grandchild! So I should plan to make another stocking. Whew! I need another pair of hands.
On the homefront, the Plaidman's recent visit to the eye doctor resulted in him being scheduled for cataract surgery. I will have to wait a while longer to get my glasses, due to the expense of his surgeries. Then we'll have to find a good deal, like a 2-fer-1 deal or half price. He won't get a prescription until after both surgeries are completed.
My employer has a position open for a courier, which would suit the Plaidman well once he gets his eyes seen to. I've sent him the info, & I hope he'll follow thru, because Chez Plaid is needy for cash. The part-time work he's doing doesn't even net as much as his unemployment, but he can't quit because he wouldn't be able to draw unemployment. This is the definition of a drag.

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