Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Boy am I ever. I'm actually enjoying Pride & Prejudice. Yeah, I'm gobsmacked by that, too! It's funny. I'm not sure I actually needed the annotated version, as the notes sometimes get in the way of enjoying the tale. I'm also reading about 4 other books, since the Plaid Patrol LOVES the library. Get a bit tired of Lizzy Bennett, just pick up Mercy Thompson about a different culture! Yesterday the Plaidman had his first cataract surgery, and all went well. We didn't have the $ for the entire co-pay, but the surgery center was cool with another check on Friday, when our paychecks will be deposited. Plaidman was using 3 different eyedrops, which he has to continue for weeks, and they prescribed another one. Now, none of these drops seem to be available as generics, and they're all specialty drugs, and each cost $50 a pop. So he's got a little zippered case with $200 worth of eyedrops, a plastic eyeshield & tape, and a schedule for the drops. I told him he'd better not lose that bag! Later today, he's to check in with his doctor for a work release or a note to cover his absence, whichever the doctor decides is appropriate.
He & DiscoDame are to go back to the library today, to get online & apply for employment with a company I used to work at. Desk jobs! I sure hope one of them gets hired; Chez Plaid needs the income. It's an absolutely dreadful place to work; the corporate attitude sucks big time, but beggars don't have choices.

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