Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back again

8/21/10 Back in the library, to return Pride & Prejudice -- I finished it this morning. All in all, I'd say I enjoyed it. I had the annotated version, and at times the notes got a bit in the way of the story, but they were also very enlightening. I don't know if I'll read another Jane Austen right away, but I will likely read one later.
8/25/10 Amazing how fast a week has gone by! I haven't been back in the stacks or requested any more Jane Austen. I HAVE been checking Crazy Aunt Purl daily, to see if maybe she'd fallen off the face of the earth. Not yet! She posted again (whew! had me scared for a bit!).
In knitting news, I've worn & washed my MocCroc's twice now--and I love them! I'm still plugging away at the F&F stole, but Dolly Blanket #3 has been in an extended time out. I washed DB#2, inside a zippered pillow cover--which it absolutely needed, as there was a mort of multicolored fuzz inside the cover when it came out of the dryer. The pillow cover will be sent with the blankie. Sooner rather than later, I need to start on two KALs I've joined--one for Wendy Johnson's Pi shawl, & one for the OK Mitts. There's a major stash dive in my future.
DiscoDame has run out of money (who didn't see that coming?), so now she's doing the big cleaning jobs around the house as her payment in lieu of rent. This is fine by me, as long as we discuss it first. Yesterday she tackled the inside of the fridge, and it looks great now. Very empty, but nice & cliean!
The Plaidman got thru his cataract surgery #1 ok, and has been back to the opthalmologist since: his distance vision in that eye is now 20-20! Makes me wish I had cataracts, so I could get insurance to pay for surgical vision correction! He's still using many different and terribly expensive eye drops, and will likely continue those for a while after his second surgery. He's been back at work since the Friday after his Tuesday surgery.

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