Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back at work

It's mid-week already, thank goodness. My vacation was by turns relaxing & slightly stressful: I spent most of the week on the couch, knitting for holiday gift giving -- that was the relaxing part. We got some news about our car loans, also about the mortgage, and more medical bills from Plaidman's surgery -- which was the stressful part. I declined to allow myself more than about 10 minutes of stress over this stuff. I just will not let myself get too wrought up about the money matters. This has always been a big source of excess worry for me, and I'm tired of it, and that's all I'll say here.
On the holiday knits front, I've completed several small projects which I'll not photograph or describe in detail, just in case someone I know checks out the blog. I'm having fun, and using up lots of acrylic yarn.
Ok, last week was my birthday week. What, you don't take a week to celebrate being alive? Try it, you'll like it! Pup sent me a check, so I went out & got some glasses & new lenses for my sunglasses. I bought myself 3 new purses -- and you know, I don't really like changing purses all the time, but these were cute & cheap. Plaidman & DiscoDame took me to the Haus of Yarn (in Paddock Place) for a spending spree: Disco gave me a copy of EZ's Knitting Workshop, which has the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern--yippee! I've only skimmed it, but already learned how to cast on without a slip knot, something that had never occurred to me before. I got two new Addi 40" circulars, in sock sizes for Magic Loop knitting. I also got some aluminum DPN's, sizes 7 & 8, for the Christmas knitting. AND we went to Books A Million--I got a paperback copy of Wee Free Men: The Beginning, which I tore through in no time. The Plaid Patrol loves the Nac Mac Feegle! Ach, crivens!

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TheBlackSheep said...

Well, you're several up on me with the Christmas knitting! Goy ou!