Thursday, March 10, 2011

Agony of defeat

I finished the Janet Beret last night; it seemed small, but I knew the tubular cast on would definitely stretch to 21" or 22". I made it in the "slouchy" version, with four 8-round repeats of the pattern as called for. Well, there was a brief struggle before I could get it on my head--and it's a beanie. A very pretty lace beanie, to be sure! But not what I wanted. So, it will go to the frog pond over the weekend, and I'll use bigger needles & increase more stitches -- a repeat of the lace pattern is 12 sts wide, adding a repeat above the brim would bring the total to 120 sts. Starting with 90 sts (actually 45 for the tubular cast on), I'd increase by 1 every third stitch. If the cast on is worked in US 7, then the 4 repeats of 8 rounds each could be worked on oh, say US 9? That should make a beret. I did have a good bit of the skein leftover, so will hope to have enough. Le sigh. I was really hoping I could have this ready to go to TEXAS real soon.


Amy said...

Wow, this sounds like a complex project. I hope it turns out.

Paige said...

oh no! Sorry to hear about the hat. It's always a bummer to frog and start over!