Wednesday, March 23, 2011

See the lightbulb?

I mean the one over my head, as in, "Boy do I have an idea!" I follow and I love her patterns. I'm not usually keen to buy patterns, since there are so many available for free if you do a little digging. BUT! Wendy has a shawl pattern, Japanese Garden, which is lovely and for which all the proceeds (after PayPal's cut) in March & April will go to the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. I am going to purchase one of these patterns as part of of my giveaway for March! (& I will likely get another just for me!) So, go to my post of 2/26/11 "Drumroll, please..." and get a comment on there WITH your Ravelry name, so if I draw you for this gift I can gift it directly to you through Ravelry.
Last night, DiscoDame & I discussed the stitchmarkers for the March giveaway, and she'll have something ready to ship out before the end of the month--but I'm not sure we'll have a picture before the draw date of 3/25. Sorry!

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