Saturday, September 29, 2012

Progress report

The Cowboy Surf scarf is coming along well. The Young Gentleman has seen a picture, and is eager to have it before the cold weather gets here. WIP pictures of scarves sometimes leave me cold – there’s not a lot of change, it’s just longer. But I’ll subject you all to the “wonder” of a longer scarf:

Picture taken weekend of 9-16. It’s considerably longer now.

I finally finished the dish/washcloth, in light green recycled cotton. So, to balance the UFO, we have a FO:

Ain’t it cute? Who doesn’t love the look of seed & moss stitch?

Usually I have two main projects going at all times, in case I get bored with one. Now the washcloth is done, what will I work alongside the Surf scarf? It needs to be small, fairly simple, and easier to work away from home than the Surf scarf – but only marginally tedious (leaves out Pup’s Steelers socks, sorry Dad!). I need to get started on holiday gifts, maybe some mitts & cowls. I could try the Alena Cowl, by Sarah Cherney; or the Ariosa Reversible Ribbed Cowl, by Susan Mills for Classic Elite; the Cowl Neck Wrap (such an imaginative name!) by Laura Farson for Cascade Yarns – for cowls. Let’s see what patterns I have on hand for mitts/arm warmers. Again alphabetically, these look interesting: Amiguitas- torirot design, April May – Jacquelynn Vance-Kuss, Arden – Mikka Tokuda-Hall (cables! Worsted wt!), Blue King Cabled Mitts – design by turvid; Blueberry Tea Mitts – Paula McKeever; Cabled Fingerless Mitts – The Knitter’s Book of Yarn, designer Jennifer Hagan. Hmm, I probably have a dozen other cabled mitts patterns handy (GOTCHA!); it’s likely I’ll be making cabled mitts. Now, I probably won’t stick with just one of these patterns worked in different colors. And it’s entirely likely I have yarns suitable to all of them, somewhere in the stash. So suit up, ‘coz we’ll be diving the stash this weekend!

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