Saturday, September 29, 2012

Swag, I has it

Monday was my birthday, so I took a vacation day (possibly the last for a while, unless I can sneak in a couple in early October).  I actually had a 3-day weekend, woo hoo!  As if that weren't boss enough, one of my presents was an immersion blender.  I have been talking this up to the family for months, and they took the hint.  No more blending hot soups two cups at a time in the food processor!  This weekend, I'll slow-cook a soup that'll need to be blended. 
The Young Gent is really keen on having the Cowboy Surf scarf by his birthday, so I must bear down on it at all opportunities.  Too bad I can't type by voice command, and have the hands free for knitting.  I was going to put up another in-progress picture, then went on and added several more inches to the length -- making the pics obsolete.  I did get them onto Ravelry.  You might study the pics showing the pink needle laying on the scarf; it points to an error that I don't intend to correct.  After all, only one Creator makes things perfectly. 
Wow, speak of the devil...the Young Gent just came by for a "fitting"!  He certainly seems pleased with his scarf.  I'm gonna be even more eager to work on it now, and just SO proud of it. 
No knitterly presents at the Birthday this year, unless we count the ones I've ordered for myself: a copy of The Principles of Knitting, some DPN sock tubes, and a digital scale (Tools! I love 'em) all from Knit Picks. 

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