Sunday, December 9, 2012

Picture Time -- check yer cowlick, honey

The sun came out for a few minutes, so we have picture time! I recently restarted a pair of socks in my size, in a very citrusy colorway. This is Red Heart’s Heart & Sole, but as the ballband is long gone I couldn’t tell you a color # or name. I’m working Mellis’ Socks from Kristin Benecken/Wollkistchens Pattern, and I think they look great in this colorway:

I also restarted the Steeler’s (Claudia’s Hand Painted) socks for my Dad, using a pattern called Cenotes by Linda Jo Park aka The Bead Knitter, because the 2X2 ribbing was just too boring for words. I haven’t gotten very far, but already like this pattern a whole lot better:

And I kinda fell down the rabbit hole, agreeing to make a woolly headband for a coworker’s niece. I’m “winging it” as far as a pattern, having only a picture of something the niece admired. The yarn is called Bazinga, by Patons. It’s very bright! The first pic was indoors, at night, and doesn’t do the yarn justice:

Hmm, I just realized that I didn’t get a picture of the button that will close this headband. Maybe next time; the clouds have already rolled back overhead.

Plaidman & I have had another discussion about his unilateral decisions, and the benefit that might be derived from running his ideas past another adult with a stake in the outcome, like his wife, and maybe he’ll remember that the next time he wants to make a major change in our financial or mental health status. Nothing like stressing the wife to the near-breaking point is to occur, ever again (dream on….).

So far, I’ve bought 3 Christmas presents for DiscoDame and none at all for the Plaidman, but there is a plan. Disco & I did go shopping last night at Stein Mart, and I found some shoes I liked, and I bought them. Don’t look at me that way; I needed some dressy brown heels.

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