Monday, December 17, 2012

Why is that?

Miss HinkyBoo aka That Fat Cat tried to become a parrot twice (!!) on Sunday morning.  It's not bad enough that she waits till my back is turned before launching herself from the end table to the back of the computer desk chair (where I was goofing on the computer).  No, she then has to ooze down the frnt of my housecoat to my lap, preen for 10 minutes, and then climb back to my shoulder.  Folks, fifteen pounds of kitteh won't fit on the shoulder of a gal only 5'1".  She pretty much has to lean on my face to make it work.  I couldn't even think about taking a sip of coffee -- it would have been coffee-laced cat hair!

The knitting mojo wandered off somewhere over the weekend, I didn't touch the needles until late Sunday.  So no actual progress to report on any of the projects I've planned. 

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