Thursday, June 18, 2015

I love my home

I do, I love it like crazy.  This is good, because otherwise I might not have ever left Texas!  Yes, poppets, your dear old Auntie CeltChick went far away last week.  Once again, I braved the wilds of Texas, where everything IS bigger (saw a 1" long silverfish, hand to God!), and saw my entire surviving nuclear family.  I'm hoping to get a photo that Sis-in-law took, of Pup with his three kids; it's supposed to be in an email.  I was deeply touched by Brother & Wife coming down to visit, sure wish they'd have stayed longer! 
While I had an amazingly lovely visit, being spoiled by my sweet Sis and her extended family (Hi, Memaw!), it was also at times exhausting.  Sis is a professional, with a degree in speech pathology and reams of experience with cognitive dysfunctions in her patients.  She has to look the part at all times.  In the past year, she's lost 60 lbs (!!! Way to go, girl!!!).  During the process, she continued to wear her "fat clothes" until they started to look ridiculously huge on her -- not a professional look.  She was also trying to be frugal, and not buy clothing for every stage of her weight loss journey, but finally got just plain tired of looking frumpy.  She went on a clothes buying binge -- not as expensive as you might think, even though she wears mostly designer clothes: Sis is the world's savviest shopper!  She'd reached a plateau, staying the same weight for a while.  This just happened to be about the weight I am now.  Then she lost another 20 lbs so quickly that some of the new clothes never got worn!  So she's got a huge collection of clothes that are now, once again, too big to look good on her.  The day after I arrived, she & I retired to her closet and I tried on clothes, one item after another, for four hours.  Halfway thru we had to bring in a chair, 'coz I just can't stand up for that long.  We were both exhausted after that, but boy was it worth the work.  I brought home, in one large suitcase, three large + one medium + two small Space Bags of clothing.  Those are the bags with valves, the large & med can be filled and have the vacuum hose applied to empty them of air, while the small ones are filled and rolled up to be emptied of air.  I think I got three pairs of shoes in the suitcase too.  But that wasn't even half of what Sis' given to me: there are something like six or seven more large Space Bags packed into freight boxes, being shipped from Texas!  Talk about a score!  We figured there are at least 200 tops, and two dozen trousers in the mix.  With what I already have in my closet, I could probably dress for work for 250 days without repeating an outfit.  And I'm going to try that!  On Fridays I will be posting the week's work outfits, with pictures -- I know y'all love pictures.  Over the weekends I'll be hemming the trousers and ironing the tops and trying to figure out how to hang up all this stuff -- there goes the yarn storage in the third bedroom!  Oh yeah, it all needs to hang -- something Sis pointed out, that if you have your wardrobe stored where you can actually see it, it's easier to put pieces together.  Makes perfect sense to me.  So check back Friday night or Saturday, for the first installment of The 250 Workday Outfits Challenge!  TTFN

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Julie Crawford said...

sounds like you had a great visit back home with your family!