Friday, June 19, 2015

Kicking off the 250 Workday Outfits Challenge!

As promised, this post kicks off my self-challenge to put together 250 different outfits for work, from the huge wardrobe my sweet Sis has given me, plus my own puny closet.  I've decided that weekly posts with pics of the past week's fashions will be the way to go.  Now, this first week I was using trousers from my own collection, as most of Sis' are too long and I haven't had time to do any hemming.  So, in the following pics, the blouses are all from Sis' closet, with some of the new "bling" from the Clothes Mentor (seriously, can we get one of those in Nashville, please?) and from Savers, both in Austin.  This week, all the pictures are taken after work (because no one will get up early enough to take them before I leave in the morning), in front of our house.
Monday:  My grey East 5th poly-rayon trousers paired with a Notations Woman 3/4 sleeve striped blouse, with a Savers necklace of red, green, blue & brown beads and charms on doubled nylon cord. I wore my trusty plummy-brown pointy-toed fabric heels (ancient!) and carried a dark royal blue bag.

I have just a couple of pictures of each outfit, and I have been trying everything I have available on our home system to get these $^&#$ things to load in here upright.  They were all rotated & saved, edited for brightness, cropped (why my photogs can't get closer, I have no clue...), resized and saved, then compressed and saved -- all to (almost) no avail.  This first one is the only one I've been able to move into this format looking the same way as it's stored.  So...just tilt your head to the right, for the close up of the blouse below.
ETA: just remembered (was reminded) that these can be edited in Picasa.  Ta-Da!!

Tuesday, Day 2, sees me in a lovely "leopard" print with tiny silvery brads on the neckline trim -- no need for a necklace! -- by XCLUSIVE.  The tan stretch trousers by Westbound Woman still look good, after being in the rotation for about 3 years.  My black "shooties" by B0RN have boot-style top stitching,  The purse is a Rosetti belted bag in caramel.  Wow, I look remarkably fresh for having worked a full day...

Wednesday, Day 3, was for floral-like colors -- I actually think of Monet's flowers when I look at this blouse.  It's a Liz Claiborne Woman sheer, with its own deep purple camisole.  The slacks are my navy East 5th, the necklace is a very long silvery chain with blue & aqua stations and tiny rhinestone charms, worn doubled.  The purse is light blue leather, bought at Goody's in Springfield, and doesn't seem to have a brand name on it.  A.a.a.and we're back to sideways pictures.  Good grief.

It's late, and my brain is getting tied into knots with these stupid sideways pictures.  If they're stored & saved 18 times upright, how the heck are they uploading sideways?  Well, I'm just going to put the pics here and try to revise them tomorrow.
Thursday, 4th day, Lee Relaxed Fit twill trousers with a Jaclyn Smith semi-sheer rayon blouse, in an unusual "camo" print that almost looks floral.  The colors are tan and brown, leaf & olive green, and cream.  I paired these with my light brown strapped "shooties", and a tan purse.  The necklace is from the Clothes Mentor, looks Anthropologie-inspired, fake ivory and bronzey chains. 

Day 5 Friday at last!  We have Casual Day at work, and we can wear jeans.  So these are my skinny jeans, with a soft green Verve top, with a nice deep scoop neck,  Love this necklace, one Sis spotted and brought to my attention, at...I think it was Clothes Mentor again.  The sandals are antiques, and used to be my mother's.  Proof that taking care of leather shoes is worth the time spent.

The purse is a fun fake croc, in aqua, with lots of room inside.  I actually used it as my "carry-on" bag when I flew to Texas, stuffed with knitting and other important stuff.  I will go into more detail about the fun times there, in the next post.  Right now, I need to become horizontal for about nine hours.  
That wraps the first installment of the great 250 Workday Outfits Challenge!  Goodnight, Gracie.
6/22/15  I've been playing with these pics in Picasa, so some are now almost "ok".

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Julie Crawford said...

congrats on putting together great, wearable outfits for work! It's great to have go-to outfits that you like wearing and are flattering.