Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All together now: AWWWW!

These tiny booties on those tiny feet....might just make your head 'splode from the cute! Yes, these are the booties made for Emma, on tiny Emma feet.
Weekend before last, I went thru my yarn crates looking to debulk the stash. I have a pile of black & white acrylic yarn to dispose of, likely will go to the Girl Scout Council. Anyway, the idea was to get rid of some. So this past weekend I went to Michael's & bought more yarn!! I am not too clear on the concept of less vs more...
But the yarn I bought was for a to-be-paid commission for a hat -- and I've selected a pattern! Hurrah for decisiveness! I have another commission too, for a baby hat--which will likely be in the same pattern as the knitted cap I did for Emma--and the party wanting it has already given me some yarn which will be quite suitable.
Sunday, in all the excitement of endless weather reporting (OMG! It's raining!), the Plaidman forgot to call in for his unemployment check. Then yesterday, he couldn't get through on the phone; he thinks their phone bank may have been in Metro Center, which is still under water. So, Plaidman & DiscoDame headed out to find an open library branch so he could register online, then off to the washateria with the laundry--which we couldn't do on Sunday because so many roads were flooded. Oh yeah, I've got to call Sis in Texas & let her know we've survived. HI SIS!

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Ann said...

Well, I emailed Sis instead of calling. Then I called Pup & left him a voicemail letting him know we weren't floating down the Cucumberland River. We are tightening the belt at Chez Divine, so the innerwebs & cable will be discontinued until further notice. We'll still be able to use the library for the email, etc, so we won't be completely out of touch; it just won't be convenient.