Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Proof positive

In case you doubt my extreme crazypants frogging fit, behold! Four hanks of Lornas Laces Shepherd Sport, Baltic Sea colorway, washed & dried & ready to be rewound into yarncakes:

This is how it used to look:


These were taken out in the sun, which makes this yarn look a lot lighter in color than it looks indoors. These used to be the Knit Picks Feather & Fan shawl; they may still be that item, but I know so much more about using handpainted yarns that I think whatever they become they'll look a lot better!
Granny E just came by to look at the baby hat in the Deborah Norville yarn, and agreed with me that it's about I will frog it, and likely it will be added to the sock yarn collection for the Mitered Squares baby blanket. I think I'll take it outside & get a photo before frogging, just for S&G's.
Anyway, back to X-treme crazy frogging--here's a few of the Regia sock yarn that used to be the Moc Croc sock:

It's also a lot darker than it looks, I think I may have a shot of the Mark II Moc Croc....

Yeah, that's better! And see the nice Addi needle? Thank you, Plaidman!

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