Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time flies

My one little chickadee has turned 27. Go over to her blog,
and bug her about being such an "old lady"!

Let's back up a step or two: the Lorna's laces has been rewound into cakes. The Regia sock yarn has been wound, and I've applied a Russian join to my sock-in-progress-once-again [sort of the Once and Future Sock...]. I plan on finishing this sock this weekend, starting the second one immediately, and making some sock blockers from plastic placemats. I'll make a pair of blockers in my size first, and if that goes well I'll make some for the Plaidman & DiscoDame. My other tasks for the weekend include hemming at least two pairs of trousers, and hitting the library so I can get into Ravelry. Next weekend will be a four-day, since we have a holiday! I'd really like to start unraveling some of the thrift store sweaters I've got, so maybe I'll devote a big part of the holiday weekend to that project.

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