Monday, May 17, 2010

Too much & too little

It can stop raining anytime now, ya know! We had standing water in the crawlspace again. I found a slug in the tub last night. I hate slugs. Ever since I stepped on a very large one, bare footed, one early morning back in West Nashville. Talk about gross! I was instantly so sick, that if I'd had breakfast I would have ralphed big time. I couldn't even lift up my foot, I just knew I couldn't look at the mess! The Plaidman had to come to my rescue, and he even wiped off my foot. Now that's love: when he's willing to wipe mushed slug off your foot, he's a keeper.
DiscoDame & I went to the library Saturday midday. I had a plan: upload some pictures to Flickr, then get on Ravelry & add a couple of projects (one finished & one frogged) with some of those pictures, then blog about it all, and maybe check out Facebook. Well, Flickr wouldn't recognize my password -- maybe I changed it? I couldn't remember, so I had to set up a new password, so the folderol with Flickr used up a quarter of the time I had reserved on the computer. Then I realized I hadn't brought the yarn & pattern info with me, to add my projects on Rav, so I kinda had to hunt through my favorites for the pattern info, then a yarn search for the yarn that was used & frogged. I did have a message, and a new friend on Ravelry: Zoom of asked to be my friend! Which is totally cool, as I've been following her blog for quite a while, and I adore Duncan Donut the Fabulous Dogcat. I just glad none of my furfriends are that large! Anyway, with all the folderol of Flickr & searchs, I ran out of time for blogging and never got to Facebook at all. Whew! Too much stuff to get done, and too little computer time to do it all. It's so aggravating that we had to discontinue our Internet access at home. Just can't afford it now! But that may be something we can get back to, as both Plaidman and DiscoDame are supposed to go to the employment center today, to sign up for flood cleanup work. Supposedly, it pays $8 to $10 an hour, which would be a huge help for our finances even if only one of them gets work. It is temporary, but expected to last about six months, so maybe we can get the Purl repaired and catch up on some bills before it gets cold again.
GAH! I have tried to get some pics onto this blog, but the ones I want are not in a format that I can easily apply here.

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